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Wayne’s Driving Services Specialized Services and Pet Care

Wayne’s Driving Services provides personal service to all 48 states. We can transport you child’s car to and from college along with their belongings For an additional fee we can load and unload you car,van, or moving truck. Airport pick up is another option as long as it can be scheduled. If you would rather we will deliver straight to you driveway. When returning college students car we can also make other stops for another persons belonging as long as there is room and it can be scheduled for an additional fee. This must be scheduled in advance of trip at an agreed upon service fee.

Wayne’s Driving Services will also transport cars for auto dealers, truck rentals, and just purchased cars around the country. Hire a professional driver and feel safe that your vehicle is with a skilled driver with a lot of experience.

Wayne’s Driving Services can also transport and care for a well behaved animal. Upon request pet transport will be addressed in a case by case basis. Customer must provide food and care instruction for each animal.

Please feel free to CONTACT US with any questions or to request a quote.

Wayne’s Driving Services – Car Delivery Service at its Best!!!

All car delivery services are by no means the same! At Wayne’s Driving Services we offer the most personalized car delivery service in the industry today. We can adjust our services to meet your specific needs such as pick up and drop off times and locations. Our car delivery service is second to none. We will be glad to pick you up at and airport if it can be scheduled or meet you at your driveway. Whichever you prefer.

At Wayne’s Driving Services we will transport and care for your well behaved pet. There is NO car delivery service trailer carrier that will provide this service! This is a very personal service to pet owners who need to get their pet from one location to another and do not want to put the animal through the trauma of airplane travel.

If you need a moving truck and trailer driven for you this is also a service Wayne’s Driving Services can provide. We have experienced drivers with moving company expertise that can help you load and or unload your truck too. This would be an additional agreed upon service we can provide at a prior agreed upon fee. This can prove to be a cost effective option for some.

Please feel free to send us your information through our CONTACT US page. There is no commitment so why not give us a try.

Wayne’s Driving Services – Direct Service vs. Car Carrier

One big advantage to the direct car delivery service, Wayne’s Driving Services, is that it provides less of a chance of damage. Your vehicle is as safe with Wayne’s Driving Services as it would be with you. Car carrier services may load and unload your car several times during its journey which increases the chances of damage each time. Sometimes they will put your car on another trailer several times so now it is not even with the same person you started with! Then there is road debris constantly coming up from the highway or off of other vehicles on the trailer? At Wayne’s Driving Services your car is with a highly skilled professional driver at all times. From start to finish.

We can tell you BEFORE we leave within a couple of hours what time your vehicle will arrive at its destination. If possible to schedule we can even pick YOU up at the airport or make the delivery directly to your driveway. By all means please check out all of your available options and if our service at Wayne’s Driving Services looks like it could work for you, by all means CONTACT US here and we will be happy to help.

Wayne’s Driving Services – How We Can Help You

Here at Wayne’s Driving Services we can help you save money regarding your relocation needs. Wayne’s has a unique car delivery service that will provide you with a professional driver to drive you car, RV, or rental truck between any 2 points in the continental 48 states. For some people this is the way to go because they are looking to save money and just don’t like to drive cross country or are unable to for many reasons.

Wayne’s Driving Services allows you to fly while the burden of driving is left to us. When you contract with Wayne’s we only work for you and nobody else until completion of the job. No stops along the way. We provide direct car delivery service to your drop off location and can usually forecast our arrival time with a couple of hours.

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