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How To Contact Wayne About A Quote For Your Driving Service Requirement…

When you contact me with the details of your trip I will send you back a quote which will include my airfare and expenses in writing. This will be a binding price. Quotes only good for 10 days do to the ever changing air fares. The only thing this price will not include is gas or fuel and tolls which will be estimated prior to trip. These are too difficult to get exact because they change from state to state.

I do not carry any additional insurance other than my medical insurance. I do have AAA for roadside assistance free of charge. You vehicle will have to be covered by your own insurance company. Vehicle must be registered and insured!

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Please Note: You are responsible for break down repairs and time spent waiting beyond 4 hours. After 4 hours you would be billed a waiting time fee of $20 per hour. I do have AAA and can get towed to service provider. After that repairs and wait time is on you.