How Our Service Works

Let Me Introduce Myself & Our Driving Services…

How Our Driving Service Works

My name is Wayne and I am a retired UPS driver. I also worked for a professional moving company for 25 years. I have logged millions of miles driving both locally and long distance over the past 35 years. To date I have never had a moving violation or accident. I am a professional driver holding a license to drive any type of car, RV, or any size truck and trailer. I have always loved to drive and see different parts of the country so I started a unique car delivery service.

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I specialize in a direct driving service between locations in the continental U.S. When transporting your vehicle you may load it with whatever you wish (within reason) as long as it is legal and does not interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle. You can depend on me to show up when I say I will. (I usually drive 600-750 miles per day). Large transport companies sometimes don’t show up when they say because they are depending on other customers to fill their truck!

A Quick Overview Of Our Driving Services

First and foremost, you need to send us the details about your trip using our driving services quotation form. 
From where to where? Pick up and Drop off points?
 Preferred dates, year and model of vehicle
, etc… Our quote will include airfare and personal expenses along the way, but not fuel and tolls or ground transportation.

Please READ carefully.
The following prices include all air fares and personal expenses ( Hotels and meal allowance) You can figure out the price of your trip using these formulas. All inclusive EXCEPT fuel and tolls.
1000 mile trips, multiply 1000 miles x $1.50 per mile= $1,500.00
1500-2000 mile trips multiply x $1.25 per mile. Example 1500 x $1.25= $1,875.00
2500-3000 mile trips multiply x $1.25 per mile. Example 2500 x $1.00 = $2,500.00

New York City area to or from Florida starting at $ 800.00
Just base pricing. Each trip priced on unique circumstances. Air fares vary with regard to destinations.

If we can agree on fees and quoted price and dates we will then e-mail you a contract. At this time we will ask for a deposit usually ($150-$300) to cover our airfare to pick up location along with signed contract. We can use Paypal for this. We will use this deposit to purchase an airline tickets in advance. Quote is not guaranteed until contract and deposit are returned. Please return ASAP to avoid an increase due to air fare changes. Air fares change quickly. Due to this fact quote only good for 10 days. This will be refunded if trip is cancelled or changed dates as long as airline refunds. However this is not a usual practice of most airlines. This will be applied to the total price of the trip.

When we arrive to pick up your car we will ask for an additional cash deposit equal to the estimated gas and tolls for your trip.You may look up current average fuel prices here. All estimated gas and toll expenses will be settled at the end of trip.

The balance of the contract will be due at time of safe arrival of your vehicle at the destination. We can also figure the total cost of the trip with a little research prior to trip if given the necessary information. Again fuel and toll cost are difficult to estimate.

We can also recommend a moving company with a great reputation in the New York Area for 30 years privately owned personal service which handles the entire east coast.

Visit their site here for more information.

I can’t stress this enough… Personal service is worth every penny you pay for it. I have personally been in the transportation business most of my life and communication with a customer is the most important aspect of the job. You are not wondering where you vehicle is or when it will arrive. You won’t get that with a large transportation company. However you choose to address your transportation needs I wish you the best of luck. Hope to hear from you soon here at Wayne’s Driving Services.