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Wayne’s Driving Services – Direct Service vs. Car Carrier

One big advantage to the direct car delivery service, Wayne’s Driving Services, is that it provides less of a chance of damage. Your vehicle is as safe with Wayne’s Driving Services as it would be with you. Car carrier services may load and unload your car several times during its journey which increases the chances of damage each time. Sometimes they will put your car on another trailer several times so now it is not even with the same person you started with! Then there is road debris constantly coming up from the highway or off of other vehicles on the trailer? At Wayne’s Driving Services your car is with a highly skilled professional driver at all times. From start to finish.

We can tell you BEFORE we leave within a couple of hours what time your vehicle will arrive at its destination. If possible to schedule we can even pick YOU up at the airport or make the delivery directly to your driveway. By all means please check out all of your available options and if our service at Wayne’s Driving Services looks like it could work for you, by all means CONTACT US here and we will be happy to help.