Wayne’s Driving Services Specialized Services and Pet Care

Wayne’s Driving Services provides personal service to all 48 states. We can transport you child’s car to and from college along with their belongings For an additional fee we can load and unload you car,van, or moving truck. Airport pick up is another option as long as it can be scheduled. If you would rather we will deliver straight to you driveway. When returning college students car we can also make other stops for another persons belonging as long as there is room and it can be scheduled for an additional fee. This must be scheduled in advance of trip at an agreed upon service fee.

Wayne’s Driving Services will also transport cars for auto dealers, truck rentals, and just purchased cars around the country. Hire a professional driver and feel safe that your vehicle is with a skilled driver with a lot of experience.

Wayne’s Driving Services can also transport and care for a well behaved animal. Upon request pet transport will be addressed in a case by case basis. Customer must provide food and care instruction for each animal.

Please feel free to CONTACT US with any questions or to request a quote.